Some of our most recent projects



VROculus Go.NETUNITYCloudMobileWebReact.js

At its core Prosoma was created to provide relief at the most challenging times. In Prosoma, patients will be able to experience relaxation, learn more about their thoughts and feelings, and develop coping mechanisms through behavioural therapy.

Surveily – Computer Vision Security System


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Surveily is state-of-the-art face recognition software which identifies people in real time from multiple live cameras, spread at multiple locations, with one control panel. It allows you to identify people, customers, suspects and basically anyone you have interest in.Then it searches for a match in the database to identify people or mark them as unidentified.

Displar – Augmented Reality Platform


Augmented RealityUnityCloud.NETVuforiaMultiplayerWebiOSAndroidReact.jsMicrosoft Hololens

We have created an augmented reality platform that enables customers to easily generate their branded AR application, manage content within built-in CMS and engage customer like never before.

Luxon LED – IoT System Design


.NETCloudBig DataConsultingIoTIntegrationsWebSystem Architecture

Luxon LED is the fastest growing lighting manufacturer in EMEA region. Their business idea is based on the best industry practices supported by modern technologies. We play a role of key partner in their digital transformation, by providing IoT expertise to develop Luxon LED IoT Platform.

Saxony Farm


.NETCloudDesktopDocument ProcessingHTML ScrapingIntegrations

Program created for Saxony Farm allowed company to save tons on labor hours. It generates very complex paperwork automatically by gathering data from variety of sources.



VRGear VRiOSAndroidDesktopSafety TrainingIntegrationsMultiplayer

Vidoni is focused on delivering VR/AR/MR content for safety and enterprise HR Learning on the platform. VR Construction Safety is one of their services. We have moved real construction site into VR digital environment and we have created an immersive learning tool for construction workers.

Under NDA – Vascular Access Management

Augmented RealityiOSAndroidEducationalMedical VisualisationIntegrations

For one of our clients we have developed an interactive Augmented Reality application that allows user to visualise simulated venous systems as a training ground for nurses to learn cannula injection and to visualise possible complications of using incorrect medical sequence.

Cer-point – Catalog with Augmented Reality


Augmented RealityiOSAndroidCloudRetailUnity

For our client Cer-Point we created an interactive AR catalogue that enabled their customers to visualise bathroom armature at the target location. This introduces completely new approach to product marketing.

Polaris – Catalog with Augmented Reality


Augmented RealityiOSAndroidCloudRetailUnity

Polaris application uses augmented reality to visualise Polaris models like RZR 1000, in any place comfortable for customers. It enables them to see, configure and easily place an order online.

Under NDA – Firearms Tracking System

Augmented RealityHololensComputer VisionR&DUnityTracking SystemPrototype

Building working prototype of Augmented Reality tracking & training system for real weapons.