Artificial Intelligence keeping eye on your business

We are building smart systems that will change your operations and positively impact many areas of your organisation

Facial Recognition

Detect and identify people on your premises to grant or deny accesses, prevent safety hazards and keep everyone safe.

Object recognition

Locate and identify shapes from CCTV feed. Locate your inventory quicker, prevent hazardous situations and track your assets easily

License plate recognition

Locate and identify vehicles by detecting and reading their license plates to improve logistics.

Why us?

We make our best to build awesome computer vision software.

State of the art models

We use convolutional neural networks – the latest type of artificial neural networks, inspired by biological processes.

Customisable solutions

Our solutions are tailored to fit in with customers’ specific needs and the nature of their data.

Cloud Infrastructure

Deep learning engineers and infrastructure architects work together to achieve the best performance for our customers.

On Premise Solutions

We can run our software and technology on hardware that is located within your properties that keeps your data safe and secure.


Some of our key proficiencies

Nvidia Cuda



Microsoft Azure

.NET Core

React JS

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