Take your business to the cloud

Our cloud services provide you with new ways to scale your business, co-ordinate across multiple locations, reduce IT manpower & manage your network in the most secure way possible.

Data Solutions

Store, process, and analyse massive volumes of structured and unstructured data in a secure, cost-efficient and comfortable way.


Process, and analyse millions of events in real time, from anywhere in the world, and syndicate your stream across projects and apps.

Internet of Things

Easily and securely connect, manage, and ingest IoT data from globally dispersed devices and analyse and implement operational changes in real time.

Our semi-products for your business

We have prepared customisable modules that can be utilised in your project. These solutions allows you to save time and money because some parts of your system won’t have to be made from scratch, but instead used as an off-the-shelf package.

Authentication & Authorization

Handles user management, registration, roles and future tasks assigned to users, and allows integration with external identity providers (i.e. Open ID, Google, LinkedIn, Facebook).

Assets & Media

Manages digital assets such as videos, images, office documents and PDF files , movies and deliver it across all devices.

Cloud Bootstrap

Cloud complete battle proven solution to start up your new project with everything needed included automation, CI, CD, templates and much more.


Some of our key proficiencies

Microsoft Azure

.NET Core

React JS

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