Who we are?

Var Unit was founded in 2016 in Wrocław, Poland.
We are a professional services firm delivering software and technical solutions to companies who want to leverage cloud, virtual reality, augmented reality and computer vision for business value.

Business Models

The quality and transparency is a number one priority for us, that’s why we use only the most effective methodologies and cooperation models that are beneficial to our clients.

Time & Material

When specifications are unclear, and project scope is not precisely defined or needs to be developed throughout the project, we suggest using our Time & Materials co-operation model. It’s the best model for a long-term or part-time project with no strings attached or undefined specifications, deliverables, or budget. As the final price and workloads change, T&M offers flexible working conditions for both parties. This co-operation model provides benefits such as the ability to modify requirements, amount of developers or workload while optimising cost at the same time.

Fixed Price

Great model for small and medium projects with well-documented requirements. Client provides all project details like scope, deadlines and budget. These set of specifications cannot change during the project. We check feasibility and provide a proposal with delivery schedule and total cost.


When project is not defined enough for Fixed Price model and customer has certain budget limitations in time, we offer a Hybrid business model. We start by developing an MVP with limited functionality on a Fixed Cost basis and then we deliver further functionalities on Time & Material basis.


The VAR Unit was founded by creative and experienced software architects who, thanks to many years of experience in software development, undertook a new venture to succeed.

Wojciech Tubek

CEO | Co-Founder | LinkedIn

Wojciech Turowicz

CTO | Co-Founder | LinkedIn

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